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Nonton Film Romantis For Love or Money 2014 Subtitle Indonesia

( High Quality )

Nonton Film Romantis For Love or Money 2014 Subtitle Indonesia


LYF plays Xiang Lu who was an air hostess for an international airline, while in Vienna she is almost run over by Rain’s Xu Cheng Xun, who apologies than takes a snap shot of her with his phone, skips to Joan who is Rain’s mum commenting that this girl will do while looking at XL’s picture.

XL returns to Shanghai and is out shopping with her friend, they are talking about her boyfriend Yang Zhen Min who is a rich businessman, they spot a wedding party with the same name and XL goes to check it out.

She discovers her rich boyfriend is getting married, he chases her out and proclaims his undying love for her, calling his marriage is only for business reasons. She says money can’t buy love, he proclaims its because the calling price wasn’t high enough. She breaks up with him and runs off.

We cut to XCX who is walking leisurely along the footpath when he comes across the scene of a young woman standing up top a building ready to commit suicide. He goes to the roof top and after a few minutes of trying to talk her out of it, she loses her balance and in his attempt to save her they both fall down onto the large inflatable jumping castle thing below.

The two are eventually released from the police station and he follows her home, they introduce themselves and she tells him she owns a cafe, he can come over to confirm she’s alive tomorrow.



FILM DETAILS 4 years ago
Nonton Film Romantis For Love or Money 2014 Subtitle Indonesia

Genre: Drama

Release: 2014

IMDB Rating: 5.8/10

Director: Xixi Gao

Cast: Liu Yifei Rain Wang Xuebing Joan Chen Shao Feng Tiffany Tang Andy On Sun Haiying Allen Lin Dong Yong


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