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Nonton Film Gangster High 2006 Subtitle Indonesia 

( High Quality )

Nonton Film Gangster High 2006 Subtitle Indonesia


The film opens with Sang Ho being interrogated by a man, informing him that he is arrested for murder.To the man surprise Sang Ho says he belongs to a soccer club called the ‘Tigers’.

The film then sets back 4 days before, where friends Sang Ho, Chang Bae and Jae Gu are back at school. Sang Ho and Chang Bae are invited to a game of soccer, while Jae Gu is somewhere else after carelessly rushing through his exam.

Chang Bae scores a goal in which a student from the other team, Kyong Chul, calls off side, and the two later engage in a heated argument. The two fight until they are broken up by other players.

Kyong Chul’s friend, Hong  Gyu, defends Kyong Chul, insisting Chang Bae to apologize, in which Sang Ho does not approve. The two later agrees to have a clean fight on the grounds of defending their friends.

The two fight in the school hall accompanied by their friends. While the two boys are fighting, Jae Gu enters, and after a moment of silence greets all four boys, apparently knowing all four.

FILM DETAILS 4 years ago
Nonton Film Gangster High 2006 Subtitle Indonesia 

Genre: Action

Release: 2006

IMDB Rating: 6.8/10

Director: Seung-wan Ryoo

Cast: Kyung Ho Jung, Hie-jin Jang, Jin-woong Jo


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